IBJJF British Nationals 2017

I completed and blogged about my experiences at the IBJJF British Nationals last year. As this is the last IBJJF UK based competition prior to the World Masters it made to travel down and compete again this year! Continue reading “IBJJF British Nationals 2017”


IBJJF British Nationals 2016

This is the second time the IBJFF have hosted a British Nationals tournament (adding to their Winter and Fall Opens) in London. I gave last years competition a miss for a variety of reasons but as it landed as an ideal preparation point for the World Masters this year I thought it would be a good competition to test out my new game plans as well as dealing with all the weigh in and gi check loveliness that an IBJJF competition brings. Continue reading “IBJJF British Nationals 2016”