How Training in the Cold Affects Your BJJ

Winter is truly upon us and although the UK is currently having a pretty mild winter it’s not unusual for the weather to be in minus figures during the Winter. Including a record low of -22C in the area that I live in (although that was in the 1940s)! So although our gyms try their hardest to keep us warm I thought it was time to do a quick blog on how it affects your grappling and how to counteract it. Continue reading “How Training in the Cold Affects Your BJJ”

Grappling with a Cold

There is one competitor in BJJ that you can’t avoid or beat and thats the common cold! Unfortunately there is no immunisation against it and no instant cure. All of this I was reminded about when I was hit with a cracking bout of cold and sinusitis last week! I wasn’t just off the mats but also refusing to leave my duvet for a few days. So I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks to help you cope and recover the best you can. Continue reading “Grappling with a Cold”