BJJ Gi Review – GR1PS Primero Evo Gi

UntitledThis year I was fortunate enough to be given a place on the Gr1ps Competition Team for the IBJJF European Championships. This meant I received a special patched up version of their Primero Evo gi to wear at the event. I already have a Gr1p’s Amazonia female gi which I have mentioned in my gi buyers guide. I have also bought and reviewed the Gr1p’s Arte Suave Gi last year so I was already a fan of the brand and very excited to receive a competition gi from them! The next obvious step after the competition was to review it for you all. Continue reading “BJJ Gi Review – GR1PS Primero Evo Gi”


Female Gi’s – A 101 Buyers Guide

It’s now the end of October and Halloween will soon be getting cleared away from the shops enabling  xmas shopping to arrive in full force! Now buying a christmas gift for a BJJ practitioner can be easier in some respect as what says “I love you” more than a brand new gi?! However, when you buying for a female practitioner it’s also a mind field of styles, cuts and sizing so hopefully this article will give you some insight into buy a gi either as a female or for the female in your life! Continue reading “Female Gi’s – A 101 Buyers Guide”