The 3rd Birthday Blog

I have officially now been a blogger for just over three whole years! Part of this blog has always been about sharing and recording my own journey so every year I am little self indulgent and take my anniversary post as chance to reflect on what’s been happening in my BJJ life. Don’t worry the 1st and 2nd year ones don’t contain any key plot points so you can just jump right in lol!
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Flow Jitsu

I was delighted last week when I got my hands on a copy of Flow Jitsu to review before its release. Now before anyone thinks that I am going to launch in a full detailed technical breakdown I am going to stress that as a Blue Belt I am not going to be reviewing this from a particularly technical perspective. Instead i will be look it from perhaps a more crucial perspective of how easy it is follow, if it makes sense and if can I get a couple of sneaky moves into my game before it’s released and everyone else catches up! Continue reading “Flow Jitsu”