Funding Your BJJ Adventures – Bonus Tips

One of the questions that I am occasionally asked is how do  I manage to fund my BJJ adventures? So I thought it would be a good idea to blog and share about how I’m funding the build up and my trip to the World Masters. However, when I started writing it I realised that it would just be a really boring blog about budgeting, saving up, working over time and asking you friends and family for cash instead of presents. Honestly there really isn’t anything new to how I save for my trips and competitions nor do I have a secret money tree!

So instead I thought I’d share a couple of my more random money saving tips that I do. They won’t change your BJJ life but they will help maximise your adventure fund without too much effort. Continue reading “Funding Your BJJ Adventures – Bonus Tips”

Basic Top Tips for Crowdfunding in BJJ

FundsCrowdfunding seems to be a growing BJJ phenomenon at the moment both for businesses, products and individuals. Although I don’t like writing work related topics  (my day job includes fundraising) its does seems worthwhile to write a UK based blog. Plus with the worlds coming up I see an increasing number of athlete campaigns in my social media feeds! I may do a more detailed blog at some point in the future focusing on either group or individual fundraising but for the time being some general consideration before doing crowdfunding. Continue reading “Basic Top Tips for Crowdfunding in BJJ”