The 3rd Birthday Blog

I have officially now been a blogger for just over three whole years! Part of this blog has always been about sharing and recording my own journey so every year I am little self indulgent and take my anniversary post as chance to reflect on what’s been happening in my BJJ life. Don’t worry the 1st and 2nd year ones don’t contain any key plot points so you can just jump right in lol!
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Game Planning – So What Next?

The World Masters has felt like a bit of a punctuation point in my BJJ. Whilst I had expected to make the podium this time around I did exceed my own expectations. But regardless of the result I think it was always going to be an opportunity for me to step back and think about my direction of travel as essentially I’ve spent the last year of training building up to it. So the key question for me was what to do next! Continue reading “Game Planning – So What Next?”