Gr1ps Woman – Primero Competition Gi

Black Friday came and despite my best intentions not to buy a new gi I crumbled when I saw the Gr1ps sale – well it was nearly my Birthday! Regular readers will know that I have had several Gr1ps gis so Black Friday combined with my husband wanting to wear a black gi for competition gave me all the excuses I could need! So as always this review will look at how it performed and was it a good choice.

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Hyperfly Hyperlyte 2.0 BJJ Gi

hyperlight tiffneyThe Hyperlyte 1.0 was my first ever competition gi. According to the promotional blurb, the 2.0 release is a significant update building on years of design and creation of high-performance gi’s. I’d love to say it was the blurb that persuaded me to buy it but the reality was that my husband was buying a new gi and the new colour-ways were so pretty (I went for White and Tiffany)!  So I bought myself a new competition and travel gi!

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