Hyperfly Remix BJJ Gi

There are only so many gi’s a minion can own (as much as am loathed to say this!). But every so often my hubby goes on a gi buying spree so at least I can partially enjoy the new gi experience by doing a review for you all. His latest purchase was the Hyperfly Remix

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Gr1ps Arte Suave II Review

There are only so many gi’s that a minion can buy. However, when your husband is also a grappler this doubles the number of gi’s in the household! Whilst I try and keep my reviews female-focused the reality is that the majority of gi’s I own are male sizing so it makes sense to keep a track of his purchases too! My hubby has always been a fan of the original Gr1ps Arte Suave Gi so he didn’t hesitate to buy his own when the 2nd version was released.

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