BJJ New Year Resolutions

Ok, I’ll be honest I think new year’s resolutions pretty much suck! Statistically, most of them fail and you just see them generally plastered all over social media etc. So why add to the resolutions clutter and blog about them only a couple of days before the new year? Continue reading “BJJ New Year Resolutions”


The 2nd Birthday Blog!

Minion Gif Blowing a Birthday StreamerWell the blog is officially entering into the terrible twos! It’s been two years since I got my blue belt and started sharing my random thought and waffle with you all! Part of this blog has always been about sharing and recording my own journey and previously this has included reflections from my first week and my first year as a blue belt. So it make sense to take some time to be reflective yet again. Continue reading “The 2nd Birthday Blog!”

Game Planning – So What Next?

The World Masters has felt like a bit of a punctuation point in my BJJ. Whilst I had expected to make the podium this time around I did exceed my own expectations. But regardless of the result I think it was always going to be an opportunity for me to step back and think about my direction of travel as essentially I’ve spent the last year of training building up to it. So the key question for me was what to do next! Continue reading “Game Planning – So What Next?”

Happy 1st Birthday! & Blue Belt Reflections

The BJJ Minion is now officially one year old! A huge thank you to everyone who has helped support the blog and to everyone who has taken the time to read my various rants and waffle! I would never have predicted that so many people would stop by and have a read! Now one of my earliest blogs was a reflection on my first weeks as a belt belt so it made sense to me to give a little update now that it’s my blogs birthday. Continue reading “Happy 1st Birthday! & Blue Belt Reflections”