Gr1ps The Italian Gi Review

We all know that I am a bit of gi addict and what better reason to buy a new gi than getting back into BJJ competition! I have several Gr1ps gi’s already including the Ara and the Arte Suave so it made sense to consider the Italian as my new competition gi. So this is how it performed….

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Cryotherapy for BJJ

I first tried Full Body Cryotherapy way back in 2016 when I visited the states for the World Masters. I’ll be honest I was slightly dubious about it at the time but after trying it for a couple of times I now really do believe that it is beneficial particularly for recovery. Unfortunately for me, full body cryotherapy was difficult and expensive to access in the UK (despite extensive googling) so it became a holiday treat rather than a regular experience. But that has now started to change with more clinic opening up in the UK  (including a Cryotherapy chamber in my own gym!) so I thought it was time to write some more of my thoughts about it.
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