Graze & Early Bird Boxes – Review

banana gifDuring the day I’m an office bound minion. This creates a host of challenges for my diet. I love my food, I like to eat and I really like to snack! Office environments are full of temptations from the cakes that are brought in, buffet lunch leftovers and of course the meeting biscuit stash. That before a couple of tough meetings and an office run for chocolate and crisps to the local garage!

As part of my food prep and diet tracking I realised I need to add some more calories and snacks into my diet beyond just my usual apple and banana. The question was what? I needed snacks that met my training needs, could live in my office drawer and be tasty. I decided to test out snack boxes not only just try and meet these needs but I also thought the variety would encourage me to try some new things that I could get myself in the future. Continue reading “Graze & Early Bird Boxes – Review”