BJJ Gi Review – GR1PS Primero Evo Gi

UntitledThis year I was fortunate enough to be given a place on the Gr1ps Competition Team for the IBJJF European Championships. This meant I received a special patched up version of their Primero Evo gi to wear at the event. I already have a Gr1p’s Amazonia female gi which I have mentioned in my gi buyers guide. I have also bought and reviewed the Gr1p’s Arte Suave Gi last year so I was already a fan of the brand and very excited to receive a competition gi from them! The next obvious step after the competition was to review it for you all. Continue reading “BJJ Gi Review – GR1PS Primero Evo Gi”

BJJ Gi Review – Gr1ps Athletics Arte Suave

My name is Marie and I am a BJJ Gi addict. Yup I feel I should start this blog with this confession. Whilst at the Euros I had no intention of buying another gi and then I saw another athlete wearing this one. Simple styling combined with the tattoo artwork instantly drew my attention to it and my little gi buying devil was awoken. Before I knew it I was revisiting the grips stall for closer inspection. Luckily for me their card machine was broken which resulted in me checking it out online and finding it significantly cheaper including shipping which meant (thanks to my hubby’s credit card) it was delivered a few days after arriving home! Continue reading “BJJ Gi Review – Gr1ps Athletics Arte Suave”