Hand Care for BJJ – Revisted

baby-yoda-my-hand-after-washing-it-4765-times-in-one-dayA couple of years ago I did a blog about hand care and BJJ. It mainly focused on finger taping and protecting your hands whilst rolling but with the state of our hands with repeated washing at the moment it makes sense to revisit it from a hand care perspective. After all the last thing we need is our hands being shredded to bits for when we finally get to feel that collar choke or spider guard in live rolling again! Continue reading “Hand Care for BJJ – Revisted”

Finger Taping & Hand Care in BJJ

My new @rainhafw finger tape arrived just in time for the most important night of the week #compclass #gripfight #nowhitetapeI’ve been asked a couple of times in the gym why I tape my fingers. The simple answer is that I have sprained a single finger on both hands previously. Each time was a freak accident linked to being tired and having my grip broken (either in Judo or BJJ training. Each time they really hurt and were sore for quite a while. They also left with slightly deformed fingers. Since it happened I’ve taped both of them to protect them from further injury. So with this in mind, I thought it was time to share my thoughts on hand care. Continue reading “Finger Taping & Hand Care in BJJ”