So Your Thinking About Starting a Blog?

Whilst catching up with friends recently I got asked two really important questions about my blogging. Why did I start my blog? And why I keep doing it?

The second question is what really triggered this blog. I’ll go into my reasons for blogging later but it made me think about what I’ve learned over the last couple of years of blogging including discovering that it’s much more work and hustle than I ever expected! Continue reading “So Your Thinking About Starting a Blog?”


Travel Tips for BJJ Adventures

I wrote this blog originally in the summer of 2016, but as I’m planning for my next BJJ adventure I thought it would be worthwhile updating it with some of my latest tips!

As before I’m not going to be focusing on the how to find somewhere to train abroad. For that Sally Arsenault has done a really useful blog regarding finding an academy on your travels. This blog is going to be covering some of my travel tips for keeping yourself organised with your packing and prepared for competition. Continue reading “Travel Tips for BJJ Adventures”

Female Gi’s – A 101 Buyers Guide

It’s now the end of October and Halloween will soon be getting cleared away from the shops enabling  xmas shopping to arrive in full force! Now buying a christmas gift for a BJJ practitioner can be easier in some respect as what says “I love you” more than a brand new gi?! However, when you buying for a female practitioner it’s also a mind field of styles, cuts and sizing so hopefully this article will give you some insight into buy a gi either as a female or for the female in your life! Continue reading “Female Gi’s – A 101 Buyers Guide”