BJJ Holiday Reading

A couple of years ago I made some suggestions for BJJ themed Bedtime Reading. In a few weeks I’m jetting off on holiday so it makes sense to revisit my list and make some suggestions for what to pop on your kindle, e-reader or even get in paper format! Continue reading “BJJ Holiday Reading”


Jiu Jitsu Boyfriends Rashguard Review

So what is Jiu Jistu Boyfriends? Well in a nutshell Jiu Jitsu Boyfriends is a semi-autobiographical web comic about a young woman and her adventures with her jiu jitsu teammates. I got into it through their instagram account @jiujitsu_boyfriends as they frequent post images and short comics that are more than slightly amusing and true! Continue reading “Jiu Jitsu Boyfriends Rashguard Review”