Valor Fightwear – Shori 450 Judo Gi

Last minute judo exam swotting in my fab @valor_fightwear gi. Judo gi but bjj everyday 😉As regular readers know that as well as practicing BJJ I also train in Judo. Last year I needed a new competition gi for the British Judo Championships and had a nightmare buying a gi. A mixture of poor stock levels, import costs, gi shrinkage and in some cases poor customer service left me disillusioned with a number of Judo gi companies. So when I heard that Valor Fightwear were starting to produce judo gi’s instantly got in touch to find out about launch dates. I was even more delighted to be asked if I wished to test one out! Continue reading “Valor Fightwear – Shori 450 Judo Gi”

British Masters Judo Championships

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs I entered the British Masters Judo Championships as a way to keep me motivated for training after the World Masters. However there is another reason which is that I am currently a 1st Kyu in Judo (Brown belt) and in order obtain my 1st Dan (black belt) then I need to gain points towards my grading (basically by winning matches against equal or higher grades). This competition is one of the best opportunities to do this as there is always a good entry and as the name suggests everyone is at least over 30. I competed in it last year and although I was beaten in all my matches then (which were against black belts) it was a great confidence boost and learning curve so I was really looking forward to this year’s competition in Edinburgh. Continue reading “British Masters Judo Championships”