IBJJF World Masters 2017

Well, this is my third time heading to Vegas to attend the IBJJF World Masters Championships. Regular readers will know about the steep learning curve that I had in 2015 and the fabulous experience I had last year. I’d love to say that I wasn’t feeling any pressure or expectations going into this year’s event but I’ll be honest – I’d be lying!  Continue reading “IBJJF World Masters 2017”


World Masters Revisited

Last year as a pretty new blue belt I ventured out to the World Masters in Vegas and obviously blogged about it all on here! Regular readers of my blog will know a lot happened since the worlds last year (which was actually my first competition abroad) including travelling to a few competitions and having some reasonable performances. I’ve also had a great year training at Factory BJJ so headed out this year feeling that I definitely could improve on last years performance. Continue reading “World Masters Revisited”