Masters International Championships – Europe 2018

UntitledThe Masters International Championships Europe ran for the first time last year. Regular readers will know that last year I had a rollercoaster of a year competition wise and this comp was definitely one of the more bumpy bits! But as I haven’t competed since the World Masters due to injuries and niggles it was definitely time to dust myself off and step up again! Continue reading “Masters International Championships – Europe 2018”


Masters International Championships – Europe 2017

As most of my readers know I’m currently a master 2 athlete (late 30’s) and this means that I very rarely get the chance to compete in my age category. Male readers may wonder why as they can compete at a variety of age groups at any IBJJF competition as well as domestically. But at present for women to compete at anything other than adults or masters 1 there are only three competitions in the world. The Brazilian Masters International, the World Masters and now the European International Masters which was held last week for the first time this year in Barcelona. Obviously this meant my hubby, me and a bunch of friends from across the UK had to set off on an adventure! Continue reading “Masters International Championships – Europe 2017”