Do We Really Need Masters Categories?

UntitledIn BJJ females usually can only compete in BJJ in either adult or masters 1. There are a couple of key exceptions such as the World, European or Brazilian Masters but unlike our male counterparts we often have to drop down age groups or not compete. Now some people (usually those on the cusp of being masters athletes or new masters aged athletes!) argue that there is no point to masters at such an early age. We should just compete with the adults and that some people just go to master’s for small categories and easier medals (yes it’s been said!) So this article covers one simple discussion. Do female masters categories really matter?  Continue reading “Do We Really Need Masters Categories?”

IBJJF Madrid Open 2016

As regular readers know that I love connecting my competitions with the chance to travel. So with a need to get back into training seriously and to shake off my competition rust I decided to enter the IBJJF Madrid Open. As usually I wasn’t on my travels alone so last weekend myself and my hubby headed off to Spain! Continue reading “IBJJF Madrid Open 2016”