Finding Your Motivation

New-YearNew-MeSo New Year New Me – Time to set those resolutions! Or is it?

I’ve blogged about goal setting before and let’s be honest there are dozens of blogs out there covering goal setting. But sometimes you just feel lost and lose your motivation. Life gets in the way, injury happens, you lose part of your support structure or even worse something happens that may suck the joy out of jiu-jitsu for you.

Those closest to me know I can pretty much tick most of those boxes in the last couple of years so this is a pretty personal topic for me. I’ll be brutally honest. I can’t give magic solutions and I quite often give better advice than I actually take but here my current thoughts for re igniting/finding your BJJ motivation. Continue reading “Finding Your Motivation”


Staying Focused

Stay Focused A few weeks ago I had one of those random conversations that inspires a blog. It was essentially about dedication and someone commented how easy I found it to stay focused. Personally I will admit now that I don’t always stay focused. lf my honest it’s not something I’ve really thought about although in the past my hubby has called me other things other than focused. These have  included slightly insane and stubborn! But I guess my approach both in BJJ and generally  all boils down to one simple thing – I like to keep moving forward in a positive direction.

So what do I think is key to keeping moving forward in BJJ?

Continue reading “Staying Focused”