Improve Your Grappling Every Time You Pee!

I apologise for the slightly clickbait title but I needed something to grab your attention and “things to do that improves your health and grappling during an office toilet break” does not exactly trip off the tongue!

As regular readers know I am far from a full time athlete and my time is precious, so I thought I’d share a quick insight into how me (and my hubby) genuinely do try and squeeze some jiu jitsu friendly activity into literally every little break that we get! Continue reading “Improve Your Grappling Every Time You Pee!”

Graze & Early Bird Boxes – Review

banana gifDuring the day I’m an office bound minion. This creates a host of challenges for my diet. I love my food, I like to eat and I really like to snack! Office environments are full of temptations from the cakes that are brought in, buffet lunch leftovers and of course the meeting biscuit stash. That before a couple of tough meetings and an office run for chocolate and crisps to the local garage!

As part of my food prep and diet tracking I realised I need to add some more calories and snacks into my diet beyond just my usual apple and banana. The question was what? I needed snacks that met my training needs, could live in my office drawer and be tasty. I decided to test out snack boxes not only just try and meet these needs but I also thought the variety would encourage me to try some new things that I could get myself in the future. Continue reading “Graze & Early Bird Boxes – Review”