The Part-Time Grappler Experiment – Revisited

Back in 2017, I did a simple experiment to log how much training I did. At the time I blogged about what I discovered but that was looking at my training in 2016-17. So I decided that maybe it was time to revisit my experiment to see if I had learned from my past experience and to see if anything had changed to help me maximize my mat hours. Plus I discovered a new app call Marune that made the logging part much easier to do than just by using a spreadsheet alone!

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How Long Should a Training Camp Be?

It’s now roughly 6 weeks to the IBJJF European Championships. This doesn’t mean the same for everyone but  for me means that it’s now time to start increasing my training volume and intensity. On the other hand I have had some friends and teammates that have already been in competition mode for well over a month. On personal reflection I’ve had some competitions I’ve taken at less than a week’s notice and others I’ve prepared for over 12 weeks or more. So how long should you take to prepare for a competition?

I don’t think this blog will necessarily give any answers to that question but it will give me an opportunity to bounce some thoughts that have been going around in my head and perhaps give you some things to consider when planning your next comp.

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