BJJ Relationships – Training at Different Gyms

Now that Valentine’s Day is out of the way I thought that it was finally time to blog about one of the unique aspects of my BJJ life.

My husband trains at a different gym to me and when we do train together we very rarely roll together and only drill.

Now a lot of people have found this really odd and it is one of the things that we find ourselves explaining frequently.  Especially to people who don’t realise we’re at different gyms until they see us at competition with different patches etc. So in this blog I’m going to cover how it happened, why it works for us and essentially my reasons for choosing a different gym? Continue reading “BJJ Relationships – Training at Different Gyms”

Dating within the Gym – An Outsider’s Perspective

love heart It’s valentines day this weekend and love is in the air! So how do you find your prince charming?

A quick Google makes it clear that gym relationships do happen. You have women’s magazines hailing the gym as one of the new places to meet hot, fit eligible guys and girls but what about in BJJ? Well, this is my view on dating in the gym from an outsider’s perspective. Why an outsider’s perspective ?- well I met my hubby way before I did martial arts so I don’t really have any first-hand experience! Continue reading “Dating within the Gym – An Outsider’s Perspective”