Skin Infections in BJJ

Ok, let’s be honest nobody really likes talking about gym germs and mat lurgie including skin infections. But not being aware of them and generally not being open and talking about them is one of the key reasons they are more common than people like to admit and are easily spread. So this blog is going to focus on the common things that might occur and how to spot them (warning – there is also some pictures of them!). Continue reading “Skin Infections in BJJ”

Cornerman’s Defence Rub Review

I heard about Cornerman’s defence rub initially through a facebook post by the owners offering sponsorship opportunities. Although we were’t good fit in terms of sponsorship he did offer me a free can of the product to try as a thank you. So it made perfect sense not just to accept but to also do a review of this brand new product for the blog. Continue reading “Cornerman’s Defence Rub Review”