Razorstorm Leggings Review

Razorstorm is a small independent clothing brand based in the North West of England. It’s not broadly advertised but has a cult following for its range of gym kit including very rude t-shirts. All items are bought from the workshop directly and the majority of the items are hand printed in the UK.

Now not only do they produce a range of squat and grappling friendly leggings but they also do seriously cool unicorn themed ones! So over the past few months, I picked up three pairs of their leggings to test out or simply because they’re cool! Continue reading “Razorstorm Leggings Review”

Gamma Fightwear – White as Snow Spats

As you know I like to give a spotlight to smaller brands especially if their female friendly and/ or British. Gamma Fightwear fits this criteria perfectly! They are a small UK independant Fightwear Brand offering mainly spats and rashguards. They have been big supporters of the UK BJJ scene including sponsoring the lovely British Black Belt Gret Zoeller and as a brand they strive to offer unique designs as well as male and female cuts  So it made total sense to check them out (and review them for you) when I wanted a new pair of spats to help see me through training and the cold British winter! Continue reading “Gamma Fightwear – White as Snow Spats”