Royler Gracie Seminar in the UK

I wrote this blog back in March 2015 but as it was an awesome seminar and a great 10930128_10152601914662038_7648515065581426814_nsnapshot of Eddie Kone’s Gym in London I thought I’d rescue it from my husband’s blog….

So there’s a brown belt, a purple belt and a white belt in a car……? This isn’t the start of a bad BJJ joke, but actually the start of my Sunday morning road trip! To a Royler Gracie Seminar in the UK!!! When my good friend and jitsu big brother Liam Wandi (aka The Part Time Grappler) asked me if I would be interested in a road trip to train with Master Royler Gracie I jumped at the chance. The last time there was a Royler Gracie in the UK was nine years ago, so this was a unique opportunity to train with one of Helio Gracie’s sons. Continue reading “Royler Gracie Seminar in the UK”