BJJ Minion on Tour – Meraki BJJ

Meraki BJJ has been set up by a third-degree black belt (and UFC veteran) Kenny Florian in partnership with Jason Hunt (a Judo and BJJ Black Belt) to establish a place for people to learn both judo and jiu-jitsu in its purest form. Why the name? well, the gym name comes from a Greek term which means doing something with soul, creativity or love. Essentially when you put “something of yourself” into whatever you’re doing.  This is designed to be the mantra behind the gym and approach at the gym.

Meraki stands alone as its own entity and isn’t currently affiliated to any particular team or affiliation so there are no BJJ politics making it very visitor friendly and indicating it was a place we had to visit on our recent trip! Continue reading “BJJ Minion on Tour – Meraki BJJ”


Why you should attend BJJ Seminars

This week I had the pleasure to attending a double seminar with John Will. For those who are unaware of who is John Will falls into a rare group of Black Belts. As well as being a BJJ legend and part of the dirty dozen. His biggest honour (well maybe not) is that I’ve been lucky enough to train with him every year I’ve done BJJ! Now I’ll be honest John has an awkward habit of visiting the UK just before big competitions so I don’t always have the best attention span or memory for his sessions but despite that I always bring home some gold! So I am not going to give away the technical magic or review the seminar as it was simply top class. So in this blog I’m going to give you my reasons why you should spend your time and money attending BJJ seminars. Continue reading “Why you should attend BJJ Seminars”