Xmas Gifts for Grapplers 2019

Tomorrow is the first of December so it’s definitely time to start thinking about those Xmas lists and present. So its time for my annual blog to try and give you some ideas and inspiration (you can check out my last couple too if you’re really stuck from 2018 & 2017!).

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Gift Ideas for Grapplers – 2017

Since starting this blog I have done annual Xmas gift idea every November to help grapplers (and their nearest and dearest) to find some gift ideas over Black Friday and beyond. In 2015 I suggested Jewellery, Artwork, Beauty gifts and random stocking ideas. Whilst last year was all about fingers and feet, massage and medals as well as books and bags. So it makes sense to continue the tradition and to share some of the ideas I’ve seen this year! Continue reading “Gift Ideas for Grapplers – 2017”