Weight Management without being a Party Pooper!

Christmas party season is awesome. It’s a great chance to catch up with family and non BJJ friends as well as a rare opportunity for your friends from the gym to see you out of your gi and in something a little more glamorous! Plus for me it’s my birthday and my friends birthday so basically December ends up have the potential of being one long excuse to eat and drink! But the Euros is creeping up and even if it wasn’t the more weight you sneakily put on now the more you’ll have to lose in the new year which can make anyone miserable! Continue reading “Weight Management without being a Party Pooper!”

Xmas Spats Fillers 2016

Last year on the run up to xmas I did a blog to help people looking for stocking fillers for their nearest and dearest grapplers. It was pretty well received so thought I’d do a follow up one this year. Especially as we approach the last payday before xmas and the shopping sales that are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Similar to last year I will be staying away from Gi’s and BJJ clothing and will focus on alternative gifts to bring a smile to your grapplers face and to make their life a little bit easier. But if you do want to look at gi’s especially for the female grappler in your life then feel free to check out my blog from a few weeks ago. Continue reading “Xmas Spats Fillers 2016”