Useful Lockdown Training Apps

I’ve done posts in the past about some of the freebies available during lockdown as well as apps you can use to support your training. So with the current situation I thought it was time to share my suggestions of apps to help your training during the extended lockdown period. Continue reading “Useful Lockdown Training Apps”

Yoga for BJJ

Ok firstly a massive disclaimer – whilst I love BJJ I am not approaching this blog as a committed yoga type person. In fact if anything I’ve been slightly anti-yoga due to some initially uninspiring and de-motivating experiences.

My previous experiences of yoga range from a standard class that felt just a little pointless – a lot of light stretching and even more “ommms”! Through to a good work out at hot yoga but a serious knock to my body image thanks to a room full of very skinny girls (including at least one glamour model)! I’ve just assumed it was something that just wasn’t for me.
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