Happy Christmas 2019

woman carrying christmas gifts

OK I know there is a host of merry Xmas themed BJJ posted on the Internet but let’s be honest that’s never stopped me! In previous years I’ve posted all sorts of silliness through to serious motivation. This year it’s my own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

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Easter Sunday -Netflix & Chill BJJ Style

netflix-and-drill I hope your all having a fabulous Easter Weekend. In the UK Easter Sunday is a bit like Xmas Day in that everything is generally shut but without the presents and great TV. So how do you spend your time after your morning open mat (if your lucky like me to have a gym thats open every day!). The answer is Simple – Netflix & Chill or in the case of this blog You Tube and Chill (which just doesn’t sound the same!).

Most people use BJJ to get technical content so I’m not going to cover my favourites in this blog  instead I’m going to focus on the whole range there of BJJ related documentaries and inspiring content that is out there for free. So here are six of my favourites to keep you going this weekend………. Continue reading “Easter Sunday -Netflix & Chill BJJ Style”