About the BJJ Minion

Ok despite wishing I was a minion I am actually Marie Wilson, a “masters catagory” grappler living in Manchester (UK). I have to balance all those boring things in life such as actually earning money which gets in the way of training and having fun. So I am certainly not a grappling superstar (except in my own mindset!).

Me sat down holding my dave the minion mascot

I am married to another BJJ blogger Peter aka Old Munki and we try to have as many adventures as we can both together and doing our own thing! My reason for starting a blog now isn’t just because I enjoyed writing guest posts on his page, but because I realised that it would be cool to have somewhere to log my own random thoughts and adventures. I did use to keep a BJJ diary but I was really forgetful about it so hopefully, I’ll do a better job with a more public version!

I currently train and compete under Stealth BJJ and just in case you want to verify my training and that I am not just some random person I have a profile on Belt Checker. I can also be frequently spotted at competitions, open mats and seminars around the place so if you do ever see me don’t hesitate to say “Hi!” (unless I am about to compete – I can be a little grumpy lol!)

So finally why minions? Simply – why not? Minions rock!

Plus as anyone who knows me can vouch they speak a similar language to me – especially when I’ve just woke up, am tired or I’m generally in a silly mood! I’m a strong believer in “keeping it playful” way beyond my jiujitsu!

PS – I am not currently sponsored in any shape or form (but I’m always open to offers lol!). Any plugs etc are my own doing and are simply because I like something. However, if I have been sent something to review then I will always make that clear.


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