Judo Throws for BJJ

Last weekend I was at a fabulous women and girls judo training camp in Kendle getting thoroughly thrown and put through my paces by my own coach Sophie Cox! It was a great experience and although I got thoroughly pushed outside my comfort zone. It also means that I also now have a healthy to do list for my takedown development!

Unsurprisingly It also got me thinking about Judo for BJJ (again!). One of the frequent questions I see on the internet and occasionally get asked in the gym is what are the best Judo throw for BJJ? Most of the information on the internet is based very much around personal opinion and whilst my best throws may work for me it doesn’t mean everyone should learn them and put them into their game. Plus let’s be honest I’d prefer it if they didn’t! So with the help of BJJ Heroes I thought I’d take a more factual approach. Continue reading “Judo Throws for BJJ”