Easter Sunday -Netflix & Chill BJJ Style

netflix-and-drill I hope your all having a fabulous Easter Weekend. In the UK Easter Sunday is a bit like Xmas Day in that everything is generally shut but without the presents and great TV. So how do you spend your time after your morning open mat (if your lucky like me to have a gym thats open every day!). The answer is Simple – Netflix & Chill or in the case of this blog You Tube and Chill (which just doesn’t sound the same!).

Most people use BJJ to get technical content so I’m not going to cover my favourites in this blog  instead I’m going to focus on the whole range there of BJJ related documentaries and inspiring content that is out there for free. So here are six of my favourites to keep you going this weekend……….

If you haven’t seen this Rickson Gracie documentary you really have no excuses not to catch up on some BJJ history as it is available free online

Eat Films have recently brought out Jiu Jitsu V The World which I was thrilled to support via Indiegogo but I’d really recommend starting with their First documentary Roll which makes me really miss my holidays and visits to the West Coast!

Kyra Gracie – “The Main Tournament of My Life”
Stuart Cooper Films have a host of documentaries to enjoy. I could have just listed his channel but I decided to recommend one of the few female focused documentaries out there. Enjoy!

Chris Haueter – Dropping Knowledge!
There are dozens of great interviews and Chris related content on the net. I have picked just one which was his speech at last years BJJ Globetrotters USA Camp. If you can watch this and not feel motivated or inspired then you really to get back on the mats soon!

John Danaher: Coaching High Performance Jiu-Jitsu
BJJ Hacks also have a whole range of great videos on their You Tube channel. For you enjoyment I’ve picked this great video about John Danaher.

Arte Suave – Jiu-jitsu Lifestyle Vol 1
A Smorgasbord of BJJ delights. Yes its a little old but it covers so many bases. Featuring interviews, training, techniques and dozens of world champions!

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