Happy 1st Birthday! & Blue Belt Reflections

The BJJ Minion is now officially one year old! A huge thank you to everyone who has helped support the blog and to everyone who has taken the time to read my various rants and waffle! I would never have predicted that so many people would stop by and have a read! Now one of my earliest blogs was a reflection on my first weeks as a belt belt so it made sense to me to give a little update now that it’s my blogs birthday.

So in the last year what’s changed in my BJJ Minion World?

  • I’ve changed gyms – Although I miss several of my old training partners I am still in touch with many of them. But I do love my current Factory family to bits. I can regularly make training, I enjoy it and I think things are generally heading in the right direction (unless my coach is lying to me!)
  • I’ve tried a couple of wrestling classes – Yup I have kept this slightly quiet and I haven’t done a blog about it yet. I try and squeeze them in when I’m not doing competition training so in reality I haven’t really done that many yet and I certainly wouldn’t ever call my myself a wrestler. But the couple I’ve done have been useful in helping to tighten up my game.
  • I’ve got a new Judo belt – I’m no longer a matching belt colour! I blogged about Untitledgetting my brown belt a few weeks ago if you want to find out more about my Judo adventures and I’m sure they’ll be a few more blogs as I try to work towards my Black Belt!
  • I’ve started refereeing – There is nothing better than being on the other side of the mat to give you a different perspective of BJJ both technically as a competitor and to spot the latest trends in the sport! And you’ll see it has influenced a few of my blogs recently.

So what’s stayed the same?

  • Well I’ve stuck to the competition goals I’ve had and I’ve continued to travel with my BJJ competing both in the UK and abroad. Including the Europeans (pictured) and the British Open Championships. And yup like most people I’ve both won and lost matches.
  • My hubby still trains (he got his third stripe on his blue belt) and I still haven’t tapped him in training but then again we also still avoid rolling with each other! I’ll probably blog about this at some stage when I get around to it but mark my words he will be mine!
  • I am still a gi addict and have the reviews on here to prove it!
  • I still get tapped frequently, I get squished, covered in bruises and have awful jits hair pretty much every session. Oh and of course I still go as red as beetroot whilst rolling! No matter how much my BJJ has improved over the last year the reality is my training partners have too!
  • Above all else I still try and combine my jits with giggles! Life’s too short not to be enjoying it!

So whats next?
what-nextWell I’ve host of competition goals which I’ll blog about as part of my adventures but ultimately it’s still all about getting better at grappling and BJJ. Part of that will be continuing to round my game in my ongoing ambition to be dangerous in every position! Well maybe the term “dangerous” might be optimistic but I at least I will have a solid plan of attack and / or defense!  

Overall during the next year I am generally going to take the advice of my coach (never a bad idea!). It’s time to purple-ise! Now I have no illusions that I am anywhere near my purple belt yet so this really isn’t about the belt but rather a name for a concept (stole from John Will) that I’m going to try and embrace.

John Will explained the phrase beautifully on reddit basically its about getting better at what I know and not necessarily looking for the next new technique or the holy grail for my game.

It’s looking for those small adaptations which will make bigger gains longer term. Turning my techniques into high percentage moves  – tightening up, tweaking, unlocking and debugging. Trying to understand the triggers better and why they work. Generally trying to string and chain thing together better. Of course I will learn new techniques as there will be gaps and because BJJ is always evolving. So lets be honest this is more than a year’s work and its something I’ll probably end up constantly doing (except the tweaks and the details may be smaller, deeper and more refined as I progress). But for now its plan to move forward. Afterall….A goal without a plan is just a wish

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