Podcasts to maximise you BJJ!

podcast_subscribe It’s still January and people are looking at how to make their New Years resolutions work for them including improving their BJJ. I’m a big believer in trying to maximise my time and multitasking where possible. I have a pretty hectic schedule and one of the useful things I’ve come across are podcasts!

Commuting to work is one of those things that generally you have to do, it frequently takes ages thanks to traffic and to me it feels like wasted time. Now I’m limited in what I can do as I can’t draw, read or google (not without causing an accident and losing my driving license!) so podcast are a great way of filling that time. Plus I find them to be pretty win-win. I might get some useful BJJ insight (win) or it just makes the journey more entertaining (win)!

There are a host of BJJ related podcasts out there. Some are really professional with great speakers and production values. Whilst others are everything in between so to save you time trawling through the internet heres some of my favourites (in no particular order):-

BjjBrick-Podcast BJJ Brick
This is one that I have recently discovered so I’ve been listening to it a lot. It doesn’t always have the best production values as I think a lot of the interviews are done via Skype / telephone but it’s one worth adjusting your volume for. They basically just have great guests and whether or not they agree with their views their interviews they let their guest talk. Guest have included John Wills, Kurt Osiander, Chris Haueter, Emily Kwok and more. Personally the recent John Wills one was pure gold and had so many bits of wisdom in it. I’ll be honest it felt like sitting in on one of his seminars at times!

Pulling Guard Pulling Guard
This is a new podcast which only started in December but so far so good. Obviously only time will tell but definitely one to keep an eye on. It’s got good production and they have a good mix of interviewers. Guest so far have included Eddie Bravo and Chris Haueter. For obvious reasons I’m a huge fan of Chris and this is one of the better interview with him from recent months as it really gets him talking about BJJ from a wide range of perspectives include the sport, the street and the art!

Grapplers Grapplearts Radio
Stephan Kesting is the creator of Grapplearts.com and BeginningBJJ.com. His regular email bulletins are definitely worth signing up to. He isn’t a frequent podcaster but it’s definitely worth checking out his past podcasts to see if there are any topics that grab your interest.

Inside BJJ Inside BJJ
Again a podcast I regular check out as they have a good mix of interviews. However the main reason I follow them are for their Girls on Grappling podcasts which offer a specific regular focus on the ladies scene (and I actually prefer them to the main podcast!). Not all of the ladies are names you will automatically recognise but all of them have things to say that are interesting or will help your BJJ. Plus sometimes it’s just great to hear a range of female voices and viewpoints.

Other useful podcasts –

  • The Tim Ferris Show – Loads of interesting podcasts on a wide range of topics including nutrition, condition, training and psychology. Really worth checking out as it’s one of my favourites and I am pretty sure anyone would find something useful here!
  • It’s Time with Bruce Buffer – definitely more MMA related but if you skip through the adverts definitely enjoyable with some intelligent conversation. A great after work listen for when you don’t want to think too much!
  • Your Welcome with Chael Sonnen – MMA and grappling focused and similar to the Bruce Buffer podcast, so just skip the adverts and just enjoy!
  • The Joe Rogan Experience– I couldn’t do a podcast list and not add this one on as it was one of the first podcasts I started to listen to. I personally find them a little long now but they do have some great guests. His podcast isn’t everyones cup of tea but pick and choose for your entertainment.

I hope you’ve found this list useful and that you get some happy listening but if you think I’ve missed any podcasts off please get in touch as I’m always interested in finding new ones!

Photo credit: via Derrickkaw


4 thoughts on “Podcasts to maximise you BJJ!

  1. Cool, there’s a few I haven’t tried in there. This is the list I did a while ago, I need to update. I don’t listen to BJJ podcasts as much as I used to: mostly language learning and BBC at the mo. 🙂


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