Jiu Jitsu Boyfriends Rashguard Review

So what is Jiu Jistu Boyfriends? Well in a nutshell Jiu Jitsu Boyfriends is a semi-autobiographical web comic about a young woman and her adventures with her jiu jitsu teammates. I got into it through their instagram account @jiujitsu_boyfriends as they frequent post images and short comics that are more than slightly amusing and true!

jus jitsu boyfriends promoAs a spin-off from the comic they have started a range of products in their webstore from cool stickers right through to rashguards which are regularly on special offer and promoted through instagram. That’s how I found out about the brand and wanted to support it.

The rashguard are produced via Live Heroes which are Polish based custom clothing company. The advantage of this is that they can ship both to the states but also to mainland Europe easily. The downside was that during promotions they can get a little behind on orders and it took eight weeks for me to get my rashie. Although when I did email them their customer service was great and I did get a quick update on my order!

The rashguard itself is made from 100% polyester and is full sublimated. There is double stitch on all the major seams. But it is definitely a male cut which is not usually a problem for me as I like my rashguards slightly baggy. However after considering the sizing chart i plunged for a large rash guard which was definitely I mistake.

UntitledI would love to say this is a high quality rashguard but the reality is it isn’t when compared to brands like Scramble and Tatami etc. It very much more like a tight-fitting technical t-shirt. That being said the image is sublimated nicely and as it’s on the front wont show wear and tear too quickly and there is no evidence of fading. The stitching whilst not appearing as strong as my other rashguard has held up well. The performance is difficult to truly test as due to it being a little baggy but I do like wearing to my more relaxed sessions like drilling.  

I bought my rashie during a special offer making it one the cheaper rashguards I owe. Considering that I really don’t regret buying and would encourage anyone else who loves the Jiu Jitsu Boyfriends brand or instagram page to support them and buy their own. jiu jitsu boyfriend rashguardI’d just encourage them to really check the sizing chart carefully and consider buying a size smaller than usual and perhaps wait until they do a promotion via social media (which they do frequently so follow them!)

If you want to spot the brand or just get hold of one of your own Jiu Jitsu Boyfriends currently have a range of rash guards available the one I bought Future Jiu Jitsu Oss! Is available for $50 dollars or £39 via their online store

Regardless of if you need a new rashguard I do strongly recommend that if you do nothing else that you improve your insta-life and give them a follow! @jiujitsu_boyfriends


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