Female Gi’s – A 101 Buyers Guide

It’s now the end of October and Halloween will soon be getting cleared away from the shops enabling  xmas shopping to arrive in full force! Now buying a christmas gift for a BJJ practitioner can be easier in some respect as what says “I love you” more than a brand new gi?! However, when you buying for a female practitioner it’s also a mind field of styles, cuts and sizing so hopefully this article will give you some insight into buy a gi either as a female or for the female in your life!

Men’s gi V Women’s gi
grips gi seminar pic 2Don’t get too hung up on buying only a women’s gi. A lot of women I know wear virtually exclusively male gi’s. This is due to availability but also sizing. Women’s gi’s often fit the smaller grappler really well but taller or larger grappler have had to buy male gi’s, although things are changing. But it is worth considering as a lot of male gi’s offer long and more broad fitting alongside their standard sizes. Focus more on personal taste and what the gi is for e.g. there is no point buying a gorgeous female fit gi that isn’t competition legal due to the colour when what you needed was really plain lightweight gi to patch up and compete it!

Brands Offering a Female Cut
To help with speed of browsing I have created a list of the female gi brands that I know about. Feel free to let me know about any I might have missed. I’ve tried to only include brands you can get in the UK and where possible I have linked to the European or UK site. I have also highlighted brands that offer mix and match bottoms and tops as that is often the biggest challenge for a female grappler and suitable gi fittings! Click here to access the list.

W2?, F3?, F4?, A0?, A1? – Check the size chart!
Measure Twice, Cut OnceThe sizes listed above are all actual gis sizes I have in my collection. Whilst mens have a reasonably standard “A” sizing scheme the women’s sizing schemes are all over the place with very different cuts between the brands. Make sure you check the sizing chart as a guide. If you’re really not sure get the best fitting gi you (or your lady) owns and measure it. Use this as a guidance for the best size for you. Bare in mind some gi companies are cut for certain body types i.e. curvy or long and lean. This may mean some gi’s aren’t always the best for everyone without a hot dryer shrinking them or a friendly tailor.

Pink, Flowers or Butterflies?
Consider personal tastes when choosing a gi. Some women like something that screams femininity whilst others just know what they like. I’ll be honest I’m somewhere between the two. There are all a whole range of gi’s out there including a full pink  or lilac options! Also don’t discount male gi’s as increasing they have more unique design features and styles.

christmas-gift-box-14109686029mbPrice and Top Picks
Let’s be honest we’d all love price to be no object but in reality it so here are some my suggestions and top picks based on price at least to give you some inspiration!

Under £75
Scramble Custom Kimono – If in doubt consider this totally plain gi from scramble. Yes its a male gi but I do have a scramble athlete which I wear often. So why did it make the style list? Well nobody can dislike a plain quality gi and with some unique patches you could end up with a great personalised gift!

Under £100
Fight Aesthetic Ombre Pure– I don’t own this gi and it isn’t a female gi specifically but it is very very pretty and I want it! So it makes my suggestions list (secret santas feel free to get in touch for my delivery address lol!)

Tatami Fightwear Black Phoenix Gi– I tend to like Tatami’s plainer offers and did review one earlier in my blog. However I also love my phoenix rashguard so thought I’d point out their phoenix gi too as I know some of my readers will like it (plus it looks great on my team mate)!

Rainha Fightwear BJJ Gi – I don’t own this gi and have only seen it from a distance but Rainha is the only British Brand catering exlusively for females and to offer mix and match jackets and pants so I just had to include them on the list.

Over £100
Grips Athletics Amazona – Grips Amazonia is quite an old gi now but it is my favourite female cut gi that I have owned so far. Feminine but not screaming pink and flowers! Grips also have the Arte Suave that I’ve reviewed and still wear and love.

War Tribe Gear – I’ve recently reviewed one of their gis and it’s definately very very pretty. It is one of the more expensive gi’s on the market but I haven’t found a female grappler yet that hasn’t liked at least one of their designs!

Storm Kimonos Grace Butterfly Gi – I love their designs although I have had one and struggled to find a good fit (i’m a bit too tall for their range which seem to suit shorter or more cuvier grapplers). This is my latest favourite design.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any brands that I’ve missed or any other suggestions then please let me know! Fingers cross that this helps you find your perfect gi!


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