Gr1ps Arte Suave II Review

There are only so many gi’s that a minion can buy. However, when your husband is also a grappler this doubles the number of gi’s in the household! Whilst I try and keep my reviews female-focused the reality is that the majority of gi’s I own are male sizing so it makes sense to keep a track of his purchases too! My hubby has always been a fan of the original Gr1ps Arte Suave Gi so he didn’t hesitate to buy his own when the 2nd version was released.

arte-suave-2-picLikes its predecessor the Art Suave 2 is a tailored gi which is inspired by the world of Old School Tattoo Art. They are limited edition and each gi is numbered. Despite having some beautiful designs both in terms of stitching and the gi lining its completely IBJJF competition legal.

The jacket is a 100% pearl weave cotton. It has a ripstop collar and triple stitching reinforcing all the expected key areas. There is also the now usual cloth tape used by gr1ps on the collars and jacket bottom to stop any sharp edges or rubbing. As you can see from the pictures there are embroideries on both sleeves, a patch on the collar and beautify subliminated lining under the shoulders

gr1ps_arte-suave-ii-bjj-gi-vit_medium-COLLAGEMeanwhile, the pants are made of a combination of cotton (60%) and ripstop polyester (40%) with a weight of 290 gsm. Again gr1p have done a great semi elasticated drawstring to make tying the pant a pleasure (so to speak) and there is padding in the knee to help with comfort. Again the design is made via a patch and embroidery on the left leg and via the lining on the side splits and inside the crotch.

This is a pre-shrunk gi. My husband ordered an A3 and it fitted him pretty much out of the bag and could be worn straight away for training etc. So in terms of those all-important measurements:

Out of the Bag After 3 Washes
Body Length 79.5  cm 78 cm
Body Width  62.5 cm 61 cm
Sleeve Length  77 cm 76 cm
Outside Leg  102.5 cm 100 cm

*3 Washes = cold wash, tumble spin and air drying. For Gi Map click here.

In terms of performance, this gi performed pretty similarly to its predecessor the Arte gr1ps_arte-suave-ii-bjj-gi-vit5_mediumSuave which isn’t really surprising. A comfortable fit, with pants that stay up and that, feels good on the mat.

A constant trend with Gr1ps gi’s is that when they say pre-shrunk they generally mean it as you can see from the size chart so that is something to consider when purchasing.

Overall this is a great gi. Stylish and suitable for both the gym and the competition mat and a great one to add to your collection (if your husband hasn’t snagged it first!)

This gi is no longer available of the Gr1ps website as it was a limited edition But you can find stock on other sites including Roninwear. 


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